When every detail makes you happy.

Sometimes, it is a brief moment that stays with us forever. A smile, while passing by an Asian market, the smell of the wind in the tropics, or the voice of a storyteller in Morocco. Traveling is about collecting memories that stay with you forever. This is why we organize your holiday as if we were coming along with you.

Our services are shaped by our values.


We individually personalize your journey, taking into account the small and big ideas. We create special experiences, tailored exactly to your wishes. That is why we dedicate our time to you right from the start and gladly make house calls upon request.


Whether it is chauffeur service, a stay in an exclusive airport lounge or a private tour that is not mentioned in any travel guide, we are personally committed to designing every desired detail of your journey.


Whether you want to spontaneously rebook your room or change your flight date, we always find the right solution. We are there for you, not only before, but during your holiday as well. Why? Because you deserve an all-around enjoyable trip.

Every journey starts in your head.

Whether it is a night under the stars in the desert, a romantic candle-light dinner or a horse-back ride into the sunset; through customized planning, our competent consultants make sure that you can thoroughly enjoy your valuable vacation time. That way, you can light-heartedly do what is most vital: collect memories that will stay with you forever.

We create emotions and discoveries.

We gladly use our experience and insider knowledge to organize the holiday you desire, for we ourselves are passionate travellers.

Sabine Berglez

"Travel enhances one’s personality and builds character. It is the most beautiful form of education."

Martin Gadolla

"Live to travel, travel to live."

Csenge Massinger

"Traces disappear, memories stay forever."

Herbert Jauck

"Every journey brings experience and new friendships."

My personal recommendation

Six Senses Bhutan

What remains after a journey to this enchanted kingdom in the Himalayas? It is this smile of the people there, which is apparently contagious. You take it home with you. Just like this relaxed serenity, this expression of contentment. What remains of Bhutan is the feeling of happiness. I have never brought anything better from a journey. It all started with a visual flight to Paro at about 2400 meters altitude: many kilometers of mountains and valleys, to be seen through the windows left and right. As if one flies into Fantasyland, always curving around new mountain ranges while flying low. How often did I think how good it is that the pilot knows his way around here and does this all the time!

I have experienced Bhutan as a land of beguiling beauty, somehow graceful from the first moment on, original, anything but overrun. And it’s sparkling clean, almost plastic-free. Even the customs officers on arrival wear traditional costumes instead of uniforms. There used to be a traffic light in the city of Thimphu – it caused too much stress. Now there are none in all of Bhutan.

And finally, it is possible to travel to this wonderful country, which has happiness for every citizen as a state goal in the constitution, at the highest level: Six Senses has just opened three lodges there, which can be perfectly combined to form a high-contrast round trip. Two more will follow. Each is of high quality and yet deliberately kept simple and reduced.

The main roles are played by temples, waving prayer flags, hidden monasteries, adventurous suspension bridges, these mountains and forests. I have long wondered which of the three is my favorite lodge. The answer: all of them. I just can’t decide. Because everything is always different. That is why I would always want to make a round trip and experience all three of them. Would I like to go there again? Yes, absolutely. And gladly already soon!

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