Abaton Island Resort & Spa in Crete: Sunset Lounge, my favorite location

Sun for the soul

There is such a thing as a blissful place. A location which everyone feels attracted to. Sometimes it is just a table under palm trees, sometimes a terrace in a hotel, a viewpoint, a bar, or a spot on a sandy beach in the shade of a giant rock. You cannot really plan it – you can only create the right conditions: in the new Abaton Island Resort & Spa on Crete, the Sunset Lounge has become such a place of bliss. Because being in the open air feels as if one were flying: high above the sea, a completely unobstructed 180-degree ocean view, with an architecture that reflects the lines of the landscape. Everything seems organic and in motion – radiating with harmony.

And if you add the rich orange color of the sunset, while on one side of the horizon the lights of Hersonissos gradually come on, that is when the magic is complete. It is such a joy to be right in the middle – and to somehow have some distance to the rest of the world. This is coincidently also what the Greek term ‘Abaton’ means: ‘remote’ and ‘unreachable’ – accessible only to the few who gain entry. How fitting.

Photo: © Abaton Island Resort & Spa