‘Aman Junkies’ on to new destinations

No other hotel group in the world is this personal, this individual, this tailored in all details to each individual guest as Aman, no other has such a dedicated fan base. There is even a well-established term for them which says it all: they are ‘Aman Junkies’ – people who often choose a destination only because there is an Aman. They collect hotels – and unique hotel experiences.

And their options are only expanding: The Aman Kyoto has just opened, hotels in New York and Mexico will be added in the coming year, and an Aman in Bangkok will welcome its first guests in 2022. Overall, there will soon be 38 hotels. How to spend Christmas in each of them, or New Year’s Eve? The answer is simple: just the way you would like to. And it will definitely suit the hotel, the ambience and the setting. None of these establishments are interchangeable, they all belong exactly where they are. That is what makes them so special – each of them.

Photo: © Nacasa & Partners Inc. – Photo Gallery by Six Senses