Asia at the Mediterranean

New favorite spot on Ibiza

What a view over the Tempura shrimps across the terrace directly to the yachts in Talamanca Bay, over top-class Thai curry and a glass of champagne to the historic centre of Ibiza City. It smells of sea salt, of the beach, of Asian spices, it has a taste of the Far East. At the top of the sky there is either the sun – or the moon has already been hoisted and the stars have been switched on: either way, the warm summer wind plays with the lemon yellow and cherry red parasols over the tables, while chilled music comes out of hidden speakers.

The ‘Ginger’ restaurant is just a five-minute drive from Ibiza City – and turns two journeys into one: just a moment ago everything was Mediterranean, a moment later it feels like a trip to Vietnam or Thailand – surprisingly harmonious, absolutely beautiful. In 2014, the ‘Ginger’ and the ‘Sa Punta’ opened here, they have been a huge success from the start, attracting the rich and beautiful, the Ibiza jet setters – and all the others too. Why? Because it all fits. And it tastes good! Should I make a reservation for you?

Photo: © Juan Sala