Asia expedition by private jet

There are journeys that are so special that almost nobody participates in them, so unusual – and so expensive. From the outset, they are conceived as an absolute minority programme. Nevertheless, it is nice to know about them: they inspire the desire to travel, they give people new ideas – and allow them to come up with their own plans. The hotel group Aman, located at the top end of the luxury segment, proposes this kind of experience for fall 2018: a 17-day so-called ‘Private Jet Expedition’.

In a converted Airbus A318 for only 18 guests, the journey takes passengers all over Asia, from China to the ever so mysterious Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, on to India and Sri Lanka. There are eight different destinations, all of them with Aman hotels and lodges to stay in, including luxury tents in a tiger sanctuary at one point. The ground programme is always tailored to the needs of explorers of the highest calibre.

But what does all this cost? A great amount of money. What do excerpts cost? Similar ideas, great new experiences in just one or two unforgettable locations? Certainly less. Would you like to have a chat about your ideas and my input? About great journeys? Spectacular hotels? With great pleasure!

Foto: © QashAbbas,