Exploring the Amazon

Aqua Expeditions: via floating boutique hotel through the jungle

It is a rare sight for the red Aras in the trees. Something the last pink fresh water dolphins hardly ever see and the black caimans’ big eyes seldom glance at: humans in long boats, scouting the branches of the Amazon river. And river cruise passengers who, from beneath the white sun sail on deck of their ship, marvel at pristine rainforest through their binoculars. People whose cabins have nothing but a glass wall on the waterside, providing an unparalleled view on this gorgeous verdant landscape.

No wish remains unfulfilled on board the 45-meter-long ‘Aria Amazon’, which has 16 panorama cabins (23sqm each) for up to 32 passengers. Gourmet dining, fitness center, spa; this is about having a great experience with comfort factor, even in one of the most remote regions of the world. It is an unforgettable journey in the form of either a three-, four- or seven-day cruise.

Photo: © Richard Mark Dobson / Aqua Expeditions