On the trails of the ‘Red Gamba’

It stems from a depth of 1000 meters off the coast of the Costa Blanca, only five fishing boats are hunting for it. It is precious, expensive, a delicacy: the mysterious red shrimp ‘Gamba Roja de Dénia’. And it has contributed its share to the fact that the coastal town of Dénia, 100 kilometers south of Valencia, has been declared a UNESCO World Gastronomic Heritage Site.

The sea, the fertile fields of the immediate hinterland, the mountains of the nearby sierras, which are over 1000 metres high – it all provides an impressive gastronomic variety, creative combinations, and has attracted top chefs: most notably Quique Dacosta, whose restaurant here has been awarded three Michelin stars as well as being included in the critics’ list of the 100 best restaurants in the world for many years now. Meanwhile, José Manuel Lopez from ‘Peix i Brases’ is considered an upcoming star.

Both restaurants are the destination of a springtime weekend trip of delicacies in March, organized by my partner airtours Moments. You will also taste specialties in the market hall, watch the fish and gamba auction at the harbor. What are you going to take home with you? Great flavors on the tip of your tongue! And a wealth of memories of culinary experiences, plus perhaps rosemary honey, pickled sea plants, delicious dried squid – and many new inspirations for you to work magic at your own stove.