COMO in Bali – indulging with all of the senses

In the evening, candles are glowing on the tables, hidden little lights are gleaming on the walls – not to mention the stars shining in the sky. The wind touches on the branches of the palm trees, makes them rattle in a rhythmic melody: that to me is the typical sound of Bali. I can still hear it today, I just have to close my eyes for a moment.

There are cool cocktails on the small tables, later on it is time for dinner – that means going on a journey of Balinese cuisine with herbs from the garden and the freshest ingredients from the villages of the surrounding area. That is the way it is at the COMO Shambala Estate, the COMO Uma Ubud in the heart of Bali – and at the brand-new COMO Uma Canggu on the south coast, COMO’s first beach hotel on the Indonesian holiday island.

My favorite spot at the Uma Canggu, whose target group includes surfers: the COMO Beach Club – for dinner. Ocean view included! The architecture of the three hotels combines local influences with contemporary style. There is a narrow focus on what is essential so it never feels cluttered. I feel safe here, like in a cocoon.

Each of these hotels is on par with its own aspirations as well as the guests’ desires. That is a lot to live up to, but it comes off smoothly and with ease. I found just one discernible downside: time still trickles away and eventually, the return flight awaits. Unfortunately.

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