Costa Navarino

This vastness, I have really fallen for it. Where else can one find something like this in Europe, where along the Mediterranean? Many kilometers of unspoilt coastline, secluded beaches, a paradise along several bays, with olive plantations, with ruins and archaeological sites from ancient times! A story-book landscape full of history, right there on the Ionian Sea! To me, the Costa Navarino on the southwestern Peloponnese represents a wonderful retreat to relax, even during midsummer – it is exactly the place where Greece is most beautiful to me. A few times already have I been there with my son: this year, we want to go again.

There are only two hotels so far, both have five stars: one is ‘The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort’, the other is ‘The Westin Resort Costa Navarino’. Together, they form one large resort with over 20 restaurants and bars. My favorite: the Japanese specialty restaurant ‘Onuki’.

Both houses share the 4000-square-meter ‘Anazoe Spa’, whose treatments are based on ancient treatment techniques. I can totally switch off, recharge my batteries – knowing that in the meantime, my son is having fun with pools and slides in the Children’s Club and being taken care of.

270 kilometers separate the Costa Navarino from Athens, the destination airport is Kalamata. And there are two world-class 18-hole seaside golf courses right next door. In addition, much of what is served at the resort comes from huge private farmlands in the surrounding area. Olive oil, yoghurt, home-made jam – what all this tastes like? Like vastness and relaxation: just authentically Greek.

Photo: © The Westin Resort Costa Navarino