Dissolving the boundary between the inside and the outside

New suites in the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol

Figures sometimes best get to the heart of what is special. 882 is such a figure and stands for the sum of the square meters of all terraces of the seven new Panorama Suites in the ‘Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol’, situated on a high plateau near Seefeld. Meanwhile, the figure 300 represents the square meters of window area, whereas 1,375 relates to the height in meters that the hotel’s seventh floor with said suites lies above sea level. All these figures together stand for the mesmerizing spectacle that is this unrestricted Alpine panorama, this best possible view – not least because the frameless windows extend from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall and seem to dissolve the boundaries between the inside and outside.

The seven new Panorama Suites were inaugurated on August 1st. Their sizes range from 76 to 200 square metres. And then there is also this other figure, which practically goes without saying for a house that belongs to Leading Hotels of the WorldTM. It is the 5. That is how many stars this hotel has during the day. At night, it has a lot more – all the billions of stars of the firmament high above the huge terraces.

Photo: © Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol