Digital Detox

Taking an analogous holiday: on a weekend trip without cell phone

It is a wonderful pleasure when the day suddenly feels twice as long again, the senses return to the bare essentials and a single weekend trip is suddenly as relaxing as the whole summer holiday: ‘Digital detox’ makes it possible – and announces itself as the next big trend. The aim is to reduce the sensory overload of the daily routine – with yoga, sport and healthy nutrition. And especially without a mobile phone! At Mandarin Oriental for instance, Digital Detox guests hand in their mobile phones at the reception for the duration of their stay – as part of the concept. I tried Digital Detox myself at the ‘Romantik-Hotel & Chalets Gut Steinbach’ in Reit im Winkl. I have rarely felt so quickly regenerated! If you like, I can tell you more about it – and arrange your short analogue holiday, there in Chiemgau or elsewhere in the world.

Photo: © Tiberio Sorvillo – Luca Guadagnini – Room Numbers / Gut Steinbach