Dolce Vita in Tuscan

There are regions with trivial names. And then there are those where merely thinking of their name puts a smile on one’s face – that is what Tuscany means to me. The mind is filled with images, smells and tastes, every memory is a delight and every thought in joyful anticipation – of the L’Andana for instance, a lovingly renovated old manor in Castiglione de la Pescaia. It is comprised of only 33 rooms, including 13 suites – and a whole lot of Tuscan magic, tranquility and the starlit sky. Local specialities are served on the dinner table, accompanied by house-made wine. The mastermind behind these marvelous creations and combinations is Michelin star holder and head chef Enrico Bartolini.

The best time for a short stay there, or a longer one: in September and October for example – or you can still go now, before all of Italy goes on holiday in August.

Foto: © L’Andana Tenuta La Badiola