Five-star icebreaker

Ponant: cruises through pack ice into uncharted territories

In order to reach areas that have hardly ever been touched by humans approaching from the sea, you have to team up with the best experts and work long and hard to build a double-hull icebreaker which can maneuver even in pack ice under extreme conditions: the luxury cruise operator Ponant is now in the process of building such an icebreaker expedition ship. It will be able to do almost anything – except maybe fly. This is what Ponant stands for as the market leader in expedition cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic.

In 2021, the 150-meter long and 28-meter wide icebreaker will be put into service. The name has already been chosen: “Le Commandant Charcot” – a reference to the famous doctor, Olympic champion and polar researcher Jean-Baptiste Charcot. The ship will feature 135 cabins and suites with a balcony, as well as a theatre and gourmet restaurant – with luxury and great experiences guaranteed. On the agenda are winter expeditions through the pack ice: the first routes, among others along the Northeast Passage in the Arctic of Siberia, have already been scheduled, and reservations are already being accepted via our partner airtours.

Photo: © Ponant – SDI