First on Santorini

It smells like Greek Mocha, white wine and grilled gilthead. Like the sea, the South and spring: the taverns and cafes with a view offer you a table right away, and you will be able to look straight over the pale blue church domes and the snow-white walls of the square-shaped cottages that cover the steep coast. And you can hear Greek pop hits echoing from some radio: early season in Oia on the Cyclades island Santorini ist the most beautiful season! There is no rush, no pushing around, no summerly crowds!

The season on the Greek islands has always been shorter than anywhere else near the Mediterranean Sea. It does not start as early and it does not end as late, charter jets often only start flying in May, and come June, it gets crowded. Those who want to go earlier have to take a connecting flight in Athens – but get to keep the magic for themselves. You want to travel ahead of everyone and be the first on the Cyclades? No problem, that is the best time to go!

Foto: © Helge Sobik