Montenegro’s first

Some travel destinations you do not just come up with – you do not think of them right away. You first need to see this wowing picture, to hear friends enthusiastically tell you about their vacation there. Montenegro is that kind of destination. And when you finally read that a world-class luxury hotel just opened there in July and that others are bound to soon follow, then this kind of destination suddenly climbs to the top of your travel bucket list: the new ‘Chedi Luštica Bay’ (111 rooms and suites) is the reason for this – with its location right in front of the new yacht-filled marina, its incredible view over the ocean and with this highly praised light and modern style that is so typical for this hotel.

And one more argument to be made, not related to either style or price: Montenegro averages 270 sunny days per year, providing ideal vacation prospects. Which hotel will be next to open its doors here? One&Only would be one example. When are you flying there? We have all the information you need – and the best contacts!

Foto: © Lobster Experience