Exceeding expectations

Lošinj Hotels & Villas

It feels good for a host to be meeting the guests’ expectations. Although he feels even better when he manages to exceed them – because his guests will respond with a smile and apparent satisfaction. And because they will return and become regulars. That is the major objective the Lošinj Hotels & Villas on the Croatian island of Lošinj have devoted themselves to, namely the ‘Bellevue’, the ‘Alhambra’ and the ‘Villa Augusta’, located in a centuries-old Aleppo-pine forest by the Čikat bay.

This island of only 8,200 inhabitants is situated in the Kvarner Gulf in the northern Adriatic Sea, stretching over 75 square kilometers. It boasts a favorable climate, which is reflected by the fact that it has around 300 sunny days per year. Lošinj was initially recognized as a climatic spa as early as 1892 and it has hiking trails spanning 220 kilometers. There is even an airport on the island now, through which guests can fly in with the hotel private jet. If they do not happen to have their own plane at the ready, Silver Air offers direct flights to Lošinj with Silver Air from Pula, Zagreb, Split, Zagreb or Lugano during the summer months.

Foto: © Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta