Experience: Expeditions

Unrepeatable moments for all senses.

Wether it’s a fascinating safari, an extraordinary sightseeing tour, or a spectacular adventure, we will put together a chain of memorable experiences, catered to your personal needs, and interests. Anything from the highest from the highest cultural experiences, to deep adventures into the worlds jungles; on all continents. Experience the amenities of a 6 star hotel, in a comfortable lodge, witness nature from a completely different perspective.

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Experience: Cruises

A sea of luxury.

Imagine going to sleep with the lights of Monte Carlo glittering above you, and waking up a few hundered meters from the beaches of St. Tropez. Apart from that you will experience on board, exquisite service, catered to perfection. Lavish suites, overlooking the wonders of the sea, culinary magnificence prepared by some of the best chefs in the business. Your personal caretaker is always there for you, making sure you get everything you wish for.

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Experience: Private travel

Travels – as individual as you.

Wether it’s studying turtles on an isolated island, flying via water airplane from one Maldive to the next, looking for the best diving spot, or just jetting to New York for the night, to experience the sunset on the Empire State Building, whatever your wish, we will construct the right thing. Creative and unconventional, with attention to every detail.

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