‘Falisia Portopiccolo’ on the Italian Adriatic coast

If a place is at such a dazzling location – nestling up to the cliffs of Sistiana in Friuli Venezia Giulia like a semicircular amphitheater and offering this kind of panoramic view on the Adriatic Sea – in that case, the name of the best hotel there may be this cumbersome: ‘Falisia, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Portopiccolo’. And with only 58 rooms and suites, it has just the right size to be truly delightful.
I like it when the wind is playfully moving around the curtains in the early morning, when the break of dawn is slowly peeking into the room, when I can smell the sea while hearing a few syllables in Italian that are carried in by the gentle breeze. I have come to love the bar ‘La Piazetta’ and I will return for the ‘Cliff’ gourmet restaurant: what an amazing setting, with the terrace just above the private yacht marina – and these wines, what a creative and recurrently astonishing menu. And the atmosphere tops it all off.

I really enjoyed the Beach Club and Spa, especially the restaurant ‘Maxi’s’, which gets all of its ingredients from the immediate surroundings – whether it be the sea or the fertile interior. The hotel provides a much-welcomed place of retreat, but the proximity to the city of Trieste is just as enjoyable. All of the big city’s possibilities – be it shopping, concerts, theaters, nightlife – are just a 20-minute drive away. The city of Udine is in vicinity as well. Distance is generally not a big issue: with less than 500 kilometers between Vienna and Portopiccolo, this is ideal for an extended-weekend getaway. We would love to arrange your personalized journey there.

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