Five stars on the banks of the Irrawady

Rosewood Hotel Yangon: Luxury redefined in Myanmar

If you not only have expectations, but also set the standards along the way, you need patience – as well as attention to detail, an eye for special things. And you need the best experts in the region! This winter, the Rosewood Hotel in Burma’s capital Yangon opens right next to the Irrawady River. This establishment is designed to do nothing less than redefine luxury in Myanmar’s capital, Yangon.

More than five years – and the efforts of legions of local craftsmen and artists – have been devoted to the restoration and reconstruction of the building with the three-storey pillars on its front facade, which was originally constructed as early as 1927. The end result was worth all the hard work: a world-class luxury hotel with 219 rooms, a three-storey spa, the perfect synthesis of old and new. The new rooftop bar overlooking the river, the lights of the city and all the pagodas of Yangon has turned out spectacular – it provides a view on the old Asia and a booming city at once. When are you flying there? And if you do not want to wait until the opening: we have many more ideas in store regarding Myanmar, for old and new Asia in the country formerly known as Burma.

Photo: © Rosewood Hotels, volkerpreusser / Alamy Stock Photo