Going on vacation the Hygge way

Trend from Scandinavia: the new desire for winter cosiness

It sounds odd when spoken out loud, it looks strange when writing it down, and there is in fact no exact translation into English – “Hygge”. The word is Danish and describes a whole attitude to life that can only be roughly grasped when compared to ‘cosiness’: togetherness is part of it, as well as security, and with a pinch of romance. Like a fireplace evening feeling with candles and a good wine. In any case, Hygge stands for the complete absence of stress – and has even developed into a travel trend in the far North: It ranges from a winter holiday in the dunes along the coast of the Danish North Sea to a Northern Lights spectacle somewhere in Swedish or Finnish Lapland – its essence lies in feeling relaxed the whole time. What makes it so appealing works just the same outside Scandinavia: why not take it all as a suggestion and travel the Hygge way? Whether for a weekend for two in a chic mountain hotel in Tyrol, the Winter Wonderland tour to the Salzburger Land or a flight to a lodge hotel in Colorado. Just let yourself drift and forget everything around you for a few days – Hygge style. You would like to try it out? We will find something suitable!