In the Mayan Empire

Nizuc Cancun Resort & Spa

The Maya lived in snow-white. In light blue, in turquoise green. They had their paradise on their home peninsula Yucatan: luminous, bright beaches with sand like from an egg timer, the most beautiful sea, palm trees and mangroves – and the Belize Barrier Reef with all its underwater splendour right on their doorstep. ‘Nizuc’ was the name of their picture-book home, about 20 kilometres south of today’s holiday resort of Cancun, in their own language. This means ‘tongue of land’ in translation. And that is also the name of the most beautiful hotel there today: Nizuc Cancun Resort & Spa.

In many details it is a reference to the indigenous people of the past, to the high culture of the Maya, their art, their characters, their secrets – all interpreted in a modern way, translated into design. Clear lines dominate, as do light-dark contrasts, black, white and anthracite shades, which make nature with all its colours appear all the more impressive. There are six restaurants, three bars and the snow-white beach right on your doorstep. The smallest accommodations with indoor and outdoor areas range around 80 square metres, the largest over 500 square metres.

Nizuc Resort is part of the Mexican Brisas group, which operates some of the best hotels in the country. It has already received several awards. The centre of Cancun is about half an hour’s drive away and the distance to the international airport is eleven kilometres.

Photo: © _mexicanario_