Japan during cherry blossom season

Feel your inner batteries recharging through the pink-colored blossoms, captured by the melancholic charm of the season: in the Imperial Palace Garden in Kyoto, in parks all over the Land of the Rising Sun, even in the streets of Tokyo – it is a sensation that spreads all over Japan! Come April, the cherry blossom season seems to slow down the country’s dynamic rhythm for a precious couple of days.

That Japan is still an insider tip on the touristic world map is nothing short of a miracle: it has so many facets, has so much more to offer than just its large cities which yet shape our impression of it – ski slopes in the North, long beaches in the South, spectacular spas in the mountains, green landscapes in its heartland, hiking trails spanning thousands of kilometers. Japan is the present, in some places it feels as if it were straight out of a science fiction novel, but Japan also allows us to travel back to a long-gone time with mysterious traditions and strange rites. It is a country that awakes tremendous curiosity and touches all of the senses, smell and taste included.

Those with a passion for exploring the roots of a nation can do so in Japan, not only during cherry blossom season, but all year round. We would love to arrange this for you – with a stay at the Amanemu Luxury Resort & Onsen Spa above the Ago Bay for instance. This is Japan at its finest.

Foto: © Jnto