Casual luxury times two

The 7 Pines Ibiza gets a twin in Sardinia

If you have this kind of resort, you just must build a second one: in a pine grove on a cliff above the sea, with private pools, a spectacular restaurant and three yachts for the guests. It would be too bad if it were to remain at just the one. That is why the ‘7 Pines Ibiza’, which opened only in 2018, will get a twin on the north coast of Sardinia – in a different landscape, a similar location, but with the same stylish nonchalance, the same relaxed elegance, this uncontrived chic and a feeling of great liberty and vastness.

The planning is underway, the opening date has not yet been set. Meanwhile, the celebrated flagship at Sant Josep de Sa Talaia on the west coast of Ibiza has entered its second season in May. From the very start, it has been part of Leading Hotels of the World. It disposes of 186 suites, the 1,500-square-meter Pure Seven Spa – and one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean: from the terrace of the Cone Club restaurant with its Mediterranean cuisine over the gentle waves to the offshore rock island Es Vedrà. My favorite view this summer!

Photo: © 7Pines Ibiza