Luxury tent holiday “Glamping”

In India, Thailand, Africa: camping at a five-star level

Photo: © Aman-i-Khas

The pegs are inserted at the ideal angle of 45 degrees in the dark red ground, the strings are tightly stretched, the side walls are vertical and more than two meters high. Sometimes you find a chandelier hanging over the bed, often there are private pools and to top it off, there are almost always wooden floors, individual baths with a shower and toilet – and often also WiFi.

Even international world-class hotel groups cannot ignore the trend of exclusive tent holidays and now orchestrate camping holidays at the highest level and at the most beautiful ‘campsites’ – from India to the Golden Triangle near the Mekong rivers, from the Dubai desert to southern Africa: Oberoi, Four Seasons and Aman now have high-class tent camps, while African high-end safari operators like &Beyond and Wilderness have had them for a long time. Even the term ‘glamping’ has been coined specifically to describe this experience, combining glamour and camping.

As for the luxury equipment of the tents, there are virtually no limits. While generosity and comfort come at a price, experiencing the freedom of wilderness in the most breathtaking natural settings and the most spectacular accommodations is simply addictive!