On the road in the vintage car

Only now do I know how good it can feel to drive a car. And how much closer one can experience the landscape, just how much more intense everything can feel when travelling from village to village in a vintage convertible on mountain passes and side roads. In a dark blue 1959 Jaguar convertible for instance, in a Morris MG-A or a Mercedes 190 SL from the fifties, an Austin Healey 3000 or an Alfa Romeo Giulietta from the sixties.

I did not even want to exit the car anymore – and hardly have I ever experienced the border triangle (Austria, Italy, Slovenia) more beautifully than now with the historic convertible. Driving feeling and driving experience simply are completely different than in a modern car: there is something nostalgic to it, there is romance. And above all, it has class! It is not even about the people at the roadside glancing after you, taking pictures with their phones, or even waving.

This is about yourself ­– about this travel feeling, as if time had not only stopped, but turned back.

There are so many reasons and possibilities: be it simply over the weekend, as a team-building tour or as a private event with friends. How a vintage car tour can be enjoyed best? If there is no reason at all, simply out of desire, in couples of two, four or six, with no hurry and in combination with exceptional hotels!

In cooperation with our partner Hertz Classics, we can now offer you precisely that – and broker these classic cars. We put together the entire travel package around them, work out routes on request, we can even organize rallies and prepare roadbooks. Choose between vehicles in collector’s condition from Europe’s most exclusive fleet of rental classics – a collection of convertibles from the 1950s to 70s from Germany, England, Italy and the USA.

Would you like to give it a try? In the dark blue Jaguar convertible like me? Over the weekend? Somewhere in Austria? You will not want to get out anymore. Of that I am quite sure.

Foto: © – Florian Albert Photography