Mnemba Island Lodge

It is probably the sum of it all which makes this place in the ocean so unique – Mnemba Island with its lodge, a 20-minute boat ride away from the northeast tip of Zanzibar. It is this magnificent African sky so close to the equator – this feeling on the beach at night of being able to stretch out your arm and pick a star from the sky. They seem close enough to reach. And it is this joy of dining outdoors with no more than 24 other guests with candles and oil lamps all around. There are but twelve huts on the island where everything is provided for, yet they intentionally have this simplistic touch. But of course, there is also the magical daytime experience: the white sand, the turquoise sea, the wonders of the wilderness, the light blue sky. The sum of it all is just extraordinary. So extraordinary that you would not want to leave anytime soon.

The Mnemba Island Lodge is the only accommodation on this private island, it ‘belongs’ exclusively to the maximum of 24 guests, has just one and a half kilometres of coastline and it looks like a Maldives island that has ended up in Africa, off the coast of Tanzania. Dolphins, giant turtles, corals, countless fish in all colours of the rainbow – there is of course a diving school – and a whole lot of that special Robinson feeling. All this is coupled with the sure knowledge that you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone for the whole stay. The Mnemba Island Lodge is operated by the luxury brand andBeyond, which also stands for something else: grandiose safaris! That’s why Mnemba can be perfectly combined with safari tours on the mainland – lion trekking while picking stars, dolphin watching with giraffe safari. What an experience!

Photo: © Stevie Mann