Monaco – with Bono and Prince Albert

This way of life, this mixture of simplicity, security, casual style. That is what really got me into it. I find it cool how Bono from U2 was sitting next to me at the American Bar in the Hotel de Paris. Nobody made a fuss about it, not him, not others, hardly anyone looked, nobody asked for an autograph.

The density of stars, celebrities, the super-rich and the beauties is perfectly normal here. Monaco is a magnet for them – as well as for the others. Meanwhile, a black Lexus with the license plate MC 01 parked in front of the luxury hotel de Paris, which had just been renovated for over 60 million euros: the car of Prince Albert.

One can see at a glance how much wealth this small country harbors – packed into a mere two square kilometers. All this prosperity is lived with a special lightness. That in itself is an experience.If you are considering travel ideas for a long weekend, Monte Carlo is a city you will not think of immediately. Yet the Principality of Monaco has it all – and can be reached in no time via Nice Airport, with a seven-minute helicopter transfer from the airport to the Principality. In Monaco, a Porsche is no highlight. Bentleys, McLarens and Lamborghinis set the tone.

There is no need for a special occasion to travel down there. If you are looking for one anyway: the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco will take place there next year from May 8th to 10th, followed shortly afterwards by the Formula 1. The right hotel room with a view of the hairpin curve from the window or balcony can be provided for you. We are also happy to arrange table reservations in the best restaurants, or Bono’s favorite bar.

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