A rising number of travellers on the slowdown lane

Ban on stress: We trust in Slow Travel

Hotels that collect guests’ shoes when they arrive and only return them when they check out, so that the new arrivals can symbolically get rid of all stress and get fully immersed in a cloud-nine like holiday: such a thing really exists – and it is even becoming more popular. ‘More and more travellers are discovering deceleration on their holidays as an important decision criterion. They are consciously seeking a counterweight to the hectic pace of everyday life. Less action and more relaxation in the most beautiful places in the world, on secluded islands with five-star service.’

Some resorts have already put deceleration at the heart of their philosophy – Soneva Hotels for instance, with hotels in the Maldives and the Gulf of Siam, or Six Senses Hotels & Resorts in Thailand, Vietnam, also in the Maldives and now in Portugal. Everything revolves around ultimate relaxation – and it is almost as if watches had been abolished. Slow Travel’s philosophy is to travel to places that give you time. Time for yourself and time to reflect on the really important things in life, to recharge your batteries and to face everyday life anew. People who have already tried it out for a few days often come back soon, only to stay longer and dive more deeply into the world of Slow Travel on their second visit.