Nihi Sumba in Indonesia

Should one divulge secrets and desires before living to see all of them oneself? Having given this some thought, I will do it: I will tell you about a hotel that has taken over my dreams ever since I first heard about it and seen pictures. No matter how far off it is, and it really is far off: I want to go, as soon as possible. I just cannot let go of the thought of it. Rice terraces are situated behind the house, the private beach lies in front of it. Jungle to the left and right. And in the mornings, you can ride a horse over the beach not far from here. I dream about the lounge chair on the patio of ‘my’ villa and I already feel the breeze; I can taste the Far Eastern delicacies in my mouth, with something like relaxing temple music in my ears. I just want to go – to ‘Nihi Sumba by Chris Burch’ on the Indonesian Sumba Islands, roughly 400 kilometers southeast of Bali.

During dinner at the restaurant ‘Ombak’, one’s feet are touching the sand with the red sunset providing the view. There is the barbecue under the palm trees, the drink beneath the starlit tropic sky. And not to mention the yoga at sunrise on the wonderful beach the next morning. The resort is comprised of a dozen villas which can also be divided up into separately rented suites, all in a contemporary Asia look, but each one being unique and unequivocally attached to this corner of the world.

Why have I not left Vienna yet? So I can plan your journey to the Sumba Islands. Soon I will be on my way.

Foto: © Jason Childs / Agentur Lobster