Privileges: Airport-Lounge-Pass

Luxury starts at the airport.

Lean back in your comfortable chair, enjoy your glass of sparkling wine, and look forward to take-off. In our exclusive VIP lounges, in over 120 airports worldwide, enjoy the time before take-off in a relaxed, stressless, atmosphere. We are one of the few travel partners in Austria, that offer this luxury. You can book a pass for the lounge 24 hours prior to departure.

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Privileges: Chauffeur-Service

The starting point of your journey: Your front door

In order for to start enjoying your holiday from the first moment; one of our drivers, will pick you up from home, take care of all your luggage, and will tend to your every need.

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Privileges: VIP-Status

You are a special guest.

Thanks to all our numerous contacts in hotels worldwide, we are able to treat each guest as a VIP. You will make use of many special amenities, like flexible check-in times, late check-outs, or the use of the hotel spa, free of charge. Throughout your entire stay, you will receive exeptional treatment, ensuring you feel great through and through.

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