Samadhi Ocean Resort

It is quite intriguing when a hotel does not have an address. When it calls the seven seas its home without it being a cruise ship, when it can be anywhere as long as there is water under the keel: between the Canary Islands, in the Gulf of Naples or near the shores of the Aeolian Islands for example. The ‘Samadhi Ocean Resort’ requires no address at all: it is a sailing yacht which provides the feel of a luxury resort and follows a feel-good philosophy that is worth passing on. I was fascinated when I first heard about it recently. I love the sea, the relaxed atmosphere on the water when nothing is amiss, and there are no disturbances. I like to start off the day with yoga on the polished planks of a yacht, then drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice – and comfortably look forward to everything yet to come.

The Samadhi Ocean Resort is just the right stage for this kind of life. It is intimate, private, effortless, bright – a far cry from the commotion of a cruise liner. There are only four cabins for up to eight passengers, which are attended to by a three-person crew. The dishes served aboard, labeled ‘Forever Young Cuisine’, combine indulgence with health. The way of life is paramount, not the destination. This has little to do with ostentatiousness, it is about true luxury. Most of the cruises take six days. The sailing yacht can either be chartered integrally or by single cabin – to be able to virtually disappear from the world map for a short vacation.

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