Sardinia’s colors

I cannot get this color shade out of my mind anymore. You only see that over there, nowhere else have I experienced something like it: this particularly vigorous turquoise green. Along the coast of Sardinia, the Mediterranean Sea sparkles in this shade and yet, the water is crystal clear right to the seabed. It contrasts the cliffs, the rocky coast and the gloriously golden beaches of countless bays.

That is why I love Sardinia! But also for its marvelous beach bars, for the relaxed Italian vibe, for dinner with warm sand touching my feet, where luxury emerges from this genuine down-to-earth simplicity.

Sardinia to me is the epitome of a summer trip feeling – Dolce Vita at its finest. If it were possible, I would go there all the time. The island can be reached pretty quickly too – and despite what you might think when seeing images of the Costa Smeralda near Porto Cervo: not all regions are pricey. Because Sardinia is big, multifaceted, diverse and in many places, it is not overcrowded at all.

My favorite season for Sardinia: May and June – and September. My favorite place: almost everywhere, but in proximity to the ocean – because of that turquoise green shade.

Foto: © Fototeca ENIT, Sandro Bedessi