Castle Weissenhaus – Grand Village Resort & Spa by the Sea

Some stories should have to start with ‘Once upon a time’, just as it should be with castle Weissenhaus in Schleswig-Holstein by the Baltic Sea. Once upon a time, it was run-down and almost forgotten – until a German-American software millionaire woke it up with a kiss. His goal: to turn it into one of the best hotels in the world. He has accomplished this task on every level.

Two weeks ago, I was in the ‘Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa’. My maisonette suite with terrace was an absolute hit while the breakfast, with its immense range of cold cuts, fruits and regional products of the highest quality was quite the experience. The spa was an absolute treat and Christian Scharrer’s cuisine was simply fantastic. I took an on-site cooking class and loved learning from him in such a relaxed atmosphere. And to top it all off, the Baltic Sea is right at the doorstep.

The grounds of the castle amount to an impressive 10 hectare, which directly reach the beach. It is right there where you can also find the restaurant ‘Bootshaus’, which offers a big terrace and a cozy vibe.

Why do I wish to go back soon? Because of the relaxed atmosphere – but also because I want to dine at Christian Scharrer’s ‘Courtier’ gourmet restaurant again. I do not think that the Weissenhaus castle with all its possibilities is to be perceived purely as a nice place to bathe, or as a mere summer destination: it is the right option to unwind during every season of the year. And with less than one and a half flight hours at that, the destination airport being Hamburg. Good to know: the castle belongs to ‘Small Luxury Hotels of the World’.

Foto: © 2017 Michael Poliza, Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa