Six Senses Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles

Sometimes only the most beautiful remains...

…sometimes there is nothing but water around it. Turquoise blue. 30 degrees warm. Full of fish and corals, and sometimes when swimming, you are passed by one of the giant turtles that are so rare elsewhere. All the surrounding land has gone under – millions of years ago. Only the peaks of the highest mountains have remained from the primeval continent Gondwana, which once was where the Indian Ocean is today: today, these are the islands of the Seychelles. Granite blocks shimmering pink and polished by the tides, sandy beaches fine like powdered sugar – like the private island Félicité with the new Six Senses Zil Pasyon, which opened in October 2016.
The name of the island is not the brainchild of some hotel marketing expert. It has been called that for centuries. In English, Félicité means “bliss” – a perfect fit. Each of the 28 villas is ideally integrated into nature, everything arranged as if the hotel had always been there: with lots of wood, lots of glass, light-coloured fabrics – and a huge canopy bed. Because you could use something like this on cloud nine – just like the private Infinity Pool, which is part of every villa as well. And as remote as Félicité may be – the island is just as easily accessible: the helicopter transfer from the international airport of the Seychelles is a mere 20 minutes.