Actualizing the travel bucket list

Make the greatest travel desires come true

Whether it is flying to the Maldives in a seaplane for a surf trip or watching turtles on the beach of a lonely Seychelles island, going to the viewing platform of the Empire State Building in New York at sunset or jetting overnight to Abu Dhabi in the First Class compartment with your own bed to go shopping: almost everyone keeps such lists. They contain travel dreams, desires, longings – and we are increasingly presented with such collections of ideas in our consultations. We are happy about this, as it presents us with the opportunity to breathe life into the most peculiar ideas.

The term that has established itself for such lists of longings has meanwhile even been adopted in other languages: bucket list. It is the result of a hyperbole, as it originates from the expression ‘to kick the bucket’. Accordingly, the bucket list is an overview of what one would like to have experienced in their life. The lists often contain curiosities: go skydiving. Go white water rafting. Climb a high mountain. But the most common element to be found on them: lots of travel dreams. And what do increasing numbers of people do with their bucket list? They come to us. We know how to turn the wildest travel dreams into reality and create the most unforgettable memories.