Casual luxury times two

The 7 Pines Ibiza gets a twin in Sardinia

If you have this kind of resort, you just must build a second one: in a pine grove on a cliff above the sea, with private pools, a spectacular restaurant and three yachts for the guests. It would be too bad if it were to remain at just the one. That is why the ‘7 Pines Ibiza’, which opened only in 2018, will get a twin on the north coast of Sardinia – in a different landscape, a similar location, but with the same stylish nonchalance, the same relaxed elegance, this uncontrived chic and a feeling of great liberty and vastness.

The planning is underway, the opening date has not yet been set. Meanwhile, the celebrated flagship at Sant Josep de Sa Talaia on the west coast of Ibiza has entered its second season in May. From the very start, it has been part of Leading Hotels of the World. It disposes of 186 suites, the 1,500-square-meter Pure Seven Spa – and one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean: from the terrace of the Cone Club restaurant with its Mediterranean cuisine over the gentle waves to the offshore rock island Es Vedrà. My favorite view this summer!

Photo: © 7Pines Ibiza


Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden

The new jewel of Palma’s hotel heaven

How fortunate that the architects asserted themselves to do it all differently, and that contrary to the original plans, the town palace Can Bordoy in Palma de Mallorca has really been turned into a hotel: one that is truly special, absolutely charming and that in its courtyard boasts the biggest garden of the historic part of town.

There are only 24 suites in the Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden, ranging from 45 to 80 square meters, each one in a classy, elegant way with a modern touch. In some of them, ceiling-high curtains separate a free-standing bathtub from the rest of the room. Also part of the hotel are the ‘Bòtanic’, a restaurant lead by chef Andrés Benitez, an outdoor pool in the heart of the city and of course this atmospheric private garden, for hotel guests only. There is even a spa, and its two most beautiful treatment spaces are naturally situated within the garden: it is a discrete, cozy area and it is shielded from view. Only recently has Can Bordoy become the latest jewel of Palma’s hotel heaven: its opening was in December 2018.

Photo: © Can Bordoy


Exploring the Amazon

Aqua Expeditions: via floating boutique hotel through the jungle

It is a rare sight for the red Aras in the trees. Something the last pink fresh water dolphins hardly ever see and the black caimans’ big eyes seldom glance at: humans in long boats, scouting the branches of the Amazon river. And river cruise passengers who, from beneath the white sun sail on deck of their ship, marvel at pristine rainforest through their binoculars. People whose cabins have nothing but a glass wall on the waterside, providing an unparalleled view on this gorgeous verdant landscape.

No wish remains unfulfilled on board the 45-meter-long ‘Aria Amazon’, which has 16 panorama cabins (23sqm each) for up to 32 passengers. Gourmet dining, fitness center, spa; this is about having a great experience with comfort factor, even in one of the most remote regions of the world. It is an unforgettable journey in the form of either a three-, four- or seven-day cruise.

Photo: © Richard Mark Dobson / Aqua Expeditions


Back to the old Chinatown

Six Senses Singapore: the brand’s first city hotel

First, there is this street that is just so different: Duxton Road in Singapore’s old Chinatown district of Tanjong, with its historic trading houses and restored facades of former opium dens. And all of a sudden, this portal materializes in one of the facades, as if it were a gateway to a different, ancient world. Everything is black and yellow, all you see are stucco works with lion heads, pillars, oriental sunshades and calligraphy on the walls. And on the ceiling, a big golden fan is twirling around the warm tropic air: The Six Senses Duxton in Singapore is swathed in this special time travel charm – and since June, it is the first Six Senses city hotel to receive its guests.

December 1st marks the opening of the Six Senses Maxwell, which is just a few steps away and of very similar style. Both are situated in lovingly restored historic buildings and both have been awarded the ‘Architectural Heritage Award’ even before opening. Both help keep alive the old face of Singapore while simultaneously setting it into the present by implementing modern features. One comprises only 49 rooms and suites, while the other boasts a number of 138. They do not lack a thing, and then there is the atmosphere of old Chinatown for good measure.

Photo: © Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas


Five stars on the banks of the Irrawady

Rosewood Hotel Yangon: Luxury redefined in Myanmar

If you not only have expectations, but also set the standards along the way, you need patience – as well as attention to detail, an eye for special things. And you need the best experts in the region! This winter, the Rosewood Hotel in Burma’s capital Yangon opens right next to the Irrawady River. This establishment is designed to do nothing less than redefine luxury in Myanmar’s capital, Yangon.

More than five years – and the efforts of legions of local craftsmen and artists – have been devoted to the restoration and reconstruction of the building with the three-storey pillars on its front facade, which was originally constructed as early as 1927. The end result was worth all the hard work: a world-class luxury hotel with 219 rooms, a three-storey spa, the perfect synthesis of old and new. The new rooftop bar overlooking the river, the lights of the city and all the pagodas of Yangon has turned out spectacular – it provides a view on the old Asia and a booming city at once. When are you flying there? And if you do not want to wait until the opening: we have many more ideas in store regarding Myanmar, for old and new Asia in the country formerly known as Burma.

Photo: © Rosewood Hotels, volkerpreusser / Alamy Stock Photo