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More and more travelers, are following a slower track

Don’t pack your stress with you, as it’s not welcome. We prefer Slow Travel

Imagine hotels, that at check-in take their guests shoes, only to give them back at check-out, symbolically ridding the guests off all stress, ensuring they slide into their holiday, as if they are on cloud nine. These hotels really exist, and are getting more and more popular. Travellers are finding stressless travel as a very important criteria when it comes to booking their holiday. They are aiming to leave behind their every day stressful lives, in order to experience the other side of the spectrum. Less action, and more relaxation, in the worlds most beautiful destinations, on the most secluded islands, with 5 star service. Places like the Soneva Hotels & Houses, in the Maldives, and in the gulf of Siam, Six Senses Hotels & Resorts in Thailand, Vietnam, and in Portugal, have already embraced the philosophy of Slow Travek. All aspects revolve around ultimate relaxation, and it feels like time is standing still. Me time,  to concentrate on boosting energy levels, in order to come back to the real world, stronger and more relaxed. People, who have tried this for a few days, quickly come back for more, staying longer the second time around, in oder to dive into the world of Slow Travel.


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