A knightly accolade to your advantage

Rocco Forte Knights: why you get more for the same money with us

It feels good to be a special guest, to be at the top of every upgrade list, to be able to check in early and check out very late if possible. It is an added treat to not have to pay anything at all for the lavish American Breakfast in a luxury hotel and to get many more of the hotel’s extras as a close friend of the house – even though you may be there for the first time. This is the case with Rocco Forte – be it in the five-star venues in Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin or those in London, Rome or St. Petersburg. A total of 14 hotels belong to the noble brand – and we are the only travel agency in Austria to be a member of the “Rocco Forte Knights” preferred partner program. This accolade is only awarded upon invitation. It is a source of pride to us – not least because it means numerous advantages for you: after all, these are only available if you have booked with one of the few agencies with Knights status. Preferably with us – because we are not only happy to be there for you, but you also benefit from it.

Photo: © Adrian Houston Limited – Rocco Forte Hotels


Dissolving the boundary between the inside and the outside

New suites in the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol

Figures sometimes best get to the heart of what is special. 882 is such a figure and stands for the sum of the square meters of all terraces of the seven new Panorama Suites in the ‘Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol’, situated on a high plateau near Seefeld. Meanwhile, the figure 300 represents the square meters of window area, whereas 1,375 relates to the height in meters that the hotel’s seventh floor with said suites lies above sea level. All these figures together stand for the mesmerizing spectacle that is this unrestricted Alpine panorama, this best possible view – not least because the frameless windows extend from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall and seem to dissolve the boundaries between the inside and outside.

The seven new Panorama Suites were inaugurated on August 1st. Their sizes range from 76 to 200 square metres. And then there is also this other figure, which practically goes without saying for a house that belongs to Leading Hotels of the WorldTM. It is the 5. That is how many stars this hotel has during the day. At night, it has a lot more – all the billions of stars of the firmament high above the huge terraces.

Photo: © Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol


Five-star icebreaker

Ponant: cruises through pack ice into uncharted territories

In order to reach areas that have hardly ever been touched by humans approaching from the sea, you have to team up with the best experts and work long and hard to build a double-hull icebreaker which can maneuver even in pack ice under extreme conditions: the luxury cruise operator Ponant is now in the process of building such an icebreaker expedition ship. It will be able to do almost anything – except maybe fly. This is what Ponant stands for as the market leader in expedition cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic.

In 2021, the 150-meter long and 28-meter wide icebreaker will be put into service. The name has already been chosen: “Le Commandant Charcot” – a reference to the famous doctor, Olympic champion and polar researcher Jean-Baptiste Charcot. The ship will feature 135 cabins and suites with a balcony, as well as a theatre and gourmet restaurant – with luxury and great experiences guaranteed. On the agenda are winter expeditions through the pack ice: the first routes, among others along the Northeast Passage in the Arctic of Siberia, have already been scheduled, and reservations are already being accepted via our partner airtours.

Photo: © Ponant – SDI


Five Stars for Athens

Four Seasons has reopened the legendary Astir Palace Hotel

Brigitte Bardot strolled in high heels sandals over the private beach here. Tony Curtis had to get a tie before he was allowed into the hotel restaurant. Frank Sinatra swore by pistachios and coconut milk here, Egypt’s President Sadat asked for the home recipe for the eggplant cream, and the Saudi king had his suite decorated with a full truckload of cut flowers: anyone who boasts such stories belongs to the very elite in the world of luxury hotels.

Whoever boasts this is a legend himself. How wonderful that the legendary Astir Palace Hotel in the Athens suburb of Vouliagmeni has reopened after two years of closure – now under the direction of Four Seasons and after a multimillion-dollar renovation. The chic of the golden days is back, and all the magic has been preserved. The hotel with 303 rooms, suites and bungalows, with three pools and three private beaches on a 30-hectare waterfront property is a 30-minute drive away from the city center, and currently there are opening rates of 20% below the normal price for some dates.

Photo: © Astir Palace Athens


Casual luxury times two

The 7 Pines Ibiza gets a twin in Sardinia

If you have this kind of resort, you just must build a second one: in a pine grove on a cliff above the sea, with private pools, a spectacular restaurant and three yachts for the guests. It would be too bad if it were to remain at just the one. That is why the ‘7 Pines Ibiza’, which opened only in 2018, will get a twin on the north coast of Sardinia – in a different landscape, a similar location, but with the same stylish nonchalance, the same relaxed elegance, this uncontrived chic and a feeling of great liberty and vastness.

The planning is underway, the opening date has not yet been set. Meanwhile, the celebrated flagship at Sant Josep de Sa Talaia on the west coast of Ibiza has entered its second season in May. From the very start, it has been part of Leading Hotels of the World. It disposes of 186 suites, the 1,500-square-meter Pure Seven Spa – and one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean: from the terrace of the Cone Club restaurant with its Mediterranean cuisine over the gentle waves to the offshore rock island Es Vedrà. My favorite view this summer!

Photo: © 7Pines Ibiza