Reeducating poachers

&Beyond: reach out and keep developing

What could possibly be the greatest achievement for somebody who operates luxurious safari lodges in Africa, who invests the profits in animal protection and supports the local communities? It is when they catch a poacher, when they – with good words – not only touch their minds, but also their hearts, and when they dare to take his hand, provide him with a perspective, reeducate him. And when that man turns out to be an excellent pastry chef who works in one of the lodges and who has come to appreciate the animals of the wilderness, providing a reason for travelers from all over the world to come visit his homeland.

At &Beyond, this has happened more than once – precisely as described. Protecting nature with all its wild animals while including the people in the surrounding area and allowing them to lead better lives: it exactly fits their philosophy. 33 superb luxury lodges in the most beautiful African safari regions belong to &Beyond today. You would like to swing by and experience this Africa sensation for yourself? I am happy to provide counsel.

Photo: © andBeyond