Visiting the last Jedi knight

It is a scenery as if it were part of another world: on a secluded island surrounded by the storming sea, with peculiar cliffs and mysterious rock needles, Luke Skywalker lives life as the last Jedi knight and receives a visit from space – all of which while the camera is rolling: for the eighth part of the Star Wars series, the southwest of Ireland has played the double for unknown planets in far off galaxies. Filming locations for the latest Star Wars adventure include the island Skellig Michael as well as the counties of Cork and Kerry.

The new season is now approaching: You want to go and see the peninsula of Inishowen, the headland of Sybil Head or Brow Head for yourself, places where – up until recently – film director Rian Johnson was calling ‘Action!’? We are happy to organize all of this on your behalf. By the way: during shooting days, the team jokingly sent Chewbacca to a village school as a surprise guest – much to the delight of the children.